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4x4 Challenge


The 4x4 Challenge showcases and celebrates the entrepreneurial and technical skills that Conestoga students possess. The event takes place over Student Success Week; the 2018 4X4 Challenge will take place February 27 to March 2, 2018. The 4x4 Challenge gives participating students the opportunity to explore the art of solving real-world problems through innovation. Be sure to check back regularly for more information about the 2018 event.

The first 4x4 Challenge obtained its name from a very simple and modest target back in 2012:

A minimum of FOUR Conestoga College student teams will have FOUR days to design and implement solutions from a pool of industry-provided projects, or their own unique ideas. Thus the name "4x4 Challenge".

Team Registration

Students wishing to participate in the event must gather the following team member information:

  • student name and ID
  • program of study for all team members
  • the team name

Teams can be of any size, but typically teams of 3 to 4 students work best. Once the above is compiled, email your team information to Tammy Bernard-Reed

If you are an independent student without a team, don't worry – send your information to Tammy; we'll work to add you to a team of other independents or to another team to ensure everyone has a chance to participate!

All participates will receive a signed letter of participation that is ideal to add to any future resume package you send out for your job and career searches.

2018 Theme

Stay tuned for the 4X4 Challenge 2018 theme.

The 2017 theme was Solutions for Accessibility; learn about the solutions for accessibility developed at the 2017 4X4 Challenge.

Hardware Available for Students

To help out with the challenge, the following hardware will be available to students:

  • BlackBerry Q5 devices - donated by BlackBerry to Conestoga in our Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E) Innovation Sandbox
  • BlackBerry Playbooks (32GB)
  • Android Tablets
  • Microsoft Surface RT
  • Arduino embedded platforms
  • Raspberry Pi embedded platforms
  • Developer access to a full Drupal content management system
  • ConnectTech RoadWarrior data collection devices
  • QuadCopter available if not in use for capstone projects
  • Kiosk hardware

Industry Visitors

Industry is highly encouraged to come to Conestoga for the 4X4 Challenge Showcase to check out the results from 4 days of effort by our students! 

The 4X4 Challenge Showcase will take place on March 2, 2018.

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